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About the Queens Club


The Queens Club consists of former Queens and is the newest addition to the Krewe of Tchefuncte's rich history.  Former Queens are a much valued part of the Krewe and, like the Kings Club, provides the Krewe with help to carry on the traditions and activities that make the Krewe of Tchefuncte so unique.  Every year, the current members of the Queen’s Club gather to nominate and select the Queen for the upcoming Mardi Gras season.  The Queen’s Club also hosts the annual luncheon to welcome the incoming Queen.

Past Queens


2022     Jennie Trepagnier Jones

2021     Cancelled due to Covid 19

2020     Bonnie Morgan Dennis

2019     Elaine Gardner

2018     Marilyn Pelloat

2017     Ashley Guidry

2016     Iris Vacante

2015     Yvette Cooper Morlier

2014     Lauren Pennington Wells

2013     Jodi Pelloat O'Berry

2012     Janet Gitz Casey

2011     Rachel Trepagnier Steinhauer

2010     Nicole Pecoraro

Queen's Club.JPG

2009     Erin Hicks

2008     Lisa Stanga

2007     Sarah Cooper Smith

2006     Jolie Currow Bodenheimer

2005     Renee Jourdan Allen

2004     Elizabeth Rothschild Quave

2003     Antoinette Duracher

2002     Katie Collier Rolston

2001     Jacqueline Cole

2000     Katie Brewster Pennington

IMG_0209 (2).jpg

1999     Judy Gitz Yaple

1998     Amanda Danos Amacker

1997     Lauren Lagarde

1996     Elidi Chatelain

1995     Rebekah Cox

1994     Kendra Kuhlmann Gaudet

1993     Charissa Frere Nay

1992     Amie Lambert Aertker

1991     Julie Custer

1990     Denise Clemons

Queens Club-Lisa Gennaro, Jodi O'Berry,

1988     Kim Bennett

1982     Deborah Beckham-Huther

1981     Debbie Cuevas Morris

1980     Margarite Bouey King

1979     Jodi Lipford

1978     Gail Bigner

1977     Gina Gennaro Tullos

1976     Lisa Gennaro Melton

1973     Lisa Gregory

1968     Stacey Domaine

1956     Cammie Ann Coolins Peneguy

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