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About the Kings Club


Organized in 1973, the Krewe of Tchefuncte grew out of a love for the Tchefuncte River and the traditions and history of the Town of Madisonville.  The Krewe celebrates maritime life on the historic river, located on LA-Hwy 22 between Mandeville and Ponchatoula.  Founded in 1817, the town is one of the oldest communities in Louisiana and is the oldest permanent settlement in St. Tammany Parish.



The Kings Club consists of former Kings and is a valuable resource for The Krewe of Tchefuncte.  The former Kings work with the Krewe to choose the King for Mardi Gras season. They provide valuable help and resources to get the Ball and the Parade organized and host the Annual Kings Club dinner for the new King of the Krewe.

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Past Kings


2022     Tim Bounds

2021     Cancelled due to Covid 19

2020     Blake Pennington

2019     David R. Cooper

2018     Rodney Keys, Jr.

2017     George "Buddy" Pennington

2016     Frederick J. Badon, Sr.

2015     Dr. Charles B. Foy, Jr.

2014     David T. Stein

2013     Lloyd "Bubbie" Ostendorf

2012     Myron A. Bourg

2011     Jerry J. Lange

2010     Richard A. Fields (Deceased)


2009     Christopher J. Hitzman

2008     Villemont J. Trepagnier, Jr.

2007     Joel C. Champagne

2006     Bubba Davenport (Deceased)

2005     Kenny McWilliams

2004     Herbert R. Alexander, Jr.

2003     Douglas K. Gardner (Deceased)

2002     E. Roland Morris

2001     Jean P. Pelloat

2000     Joseph S. Koepp (Deceased)

1999     L.P. Ostendorf (Deceased)

1998     Ernest J. Cooper (Deceased)

1997     Floyd D. Glass (Deceased)

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