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2015 Court


Queen Yvette Cooper Morlier
King Charles Foy, Jr.
Krewe of Tchefuncte Gets a Reality Check
Ball - Saturday, January 31, 2015
Wesseman Center - St. Anselm Church
Boat Parade - Sunday, February 12, 2015
Royal Court
Jacob Volz
1st Grade
Madisonville Elementary
Ashlyn Gitz
3rd Grade
St. Jude the Apostle
Tristan Reis
T1 Student
Covington Elementary
Anna Grace Williams
1st Grade
Madisonville Elementary
Royal Maids
Lauren Gennaro
Senior - Mandeville High
"Dancing with the Stars"
Megan Gitz
Junior - Mandeville High
"American Idol"
Samantha Robin
Junior - Mandeville High
"Duck Dynasty"
Rebecca Dragg
Junior - Mandeville High
"Ghost Hunters"
Grace Klein
Junior - Archbishop Hannon High
Elizabeth Foy
Sophomore - Archbishop Hannon High
"Cake Boss"
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